App for mobile operators

Apps that are tightly integrated with the operator's network

The Klyqme™ app allows mobile operators to regain control of traditional operator services such as messaging that has recently been usurped by popular over-the-top (OTT) apps.

Klyqme™'s new breed of ITT ("Integrated to Telco") apps enable mobile operators to offer fresh value to its users and in the process, open up new revenue sources.


Hybrid SMS and data operation mode.
Automatically fallback to SMS whenever Wifi or data service is not available. Users enjoy uninterrupted service on the operator's network.


Interoperability between app and SMS users.
Communicate seamlessly with feature phone users and using the app. Feature phone users participate as equal citizens of Klyqme™ using SMS keywords.


Rich set of social networking services
Send P2P or group messages, photos, videos, voice notes and others. Share content easily with followers. Find and make new friends.


Location-based Services
Check-in and share location with followers. Find and make new friends located nearby.


Voice-based Services
Call and make new friends without revealing your phone number.
Supports both traditional SS7 and VOIP calls.


In-app Store
Built-in store allows various digital goods and services to be purchased using Klyx or traditional operator charging.
Serves as the new "value-added services" (VAS) portal of the mobile operator.